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Google-Designed Pixel C Tablet Lands

Google’s Pixel C, promoted as the first Android tablet “built end-to-end” by the Internet giant, debuted on the Google Store at $499 plus $149 for an optional magnetically attached full-size keyboard.

The 10.2-inch tablet, announced in September, is also promoted as the first tablet designed expressly to run on the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, which offers new security features, a longer battery life, and Now On Tap.

Battery life is more than 10 hours. Now On Tap lets users access Google Now information from whatever app they’re in. If a message contains the name of a restaurant, for example, the user doesn’t have to leave the messaging app to launch Google Now to get a review of the restaurant, its menu, and directions.

The full-size 10-inch keyboard attaches with magnets and automatically connects to the tablet via Bluetooth. When the tablet and keyboard are closed together, the keyboard gets charged from the tablet battery. When the keyboard isn’t needed, it tucks behind the tablet with magnets so it’s close by when needed. When the keyboard is attached, the tablet needs no kickstand to be placed at an adjustable angle on a desk.

Google’s previous tablet was the HTC-made 8.9-inch Nexus 9, but the Pixel C was “built end-to-end by Google,” the company said.

The tablet features 3GB RAM, quad-core processor, and a 2,560 by 1,800 screen said to be one of the brightest among tablets.