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GoldLantern Sees Green In Bluetooth Speakers

Dana Point, Calif.
– Bluetooth-device maker GoldLantern shipped
a pair of Bluetooth stereo speaker systems that play music from
Bluetooth-equipped mobile devices such as cellphones. The AC/DC devices also double
as hands-free speakerphone accessories.

The $199 GL Soundflex is
intended for desktop use and can be used with a Bluetooth-equipped cellphone or
PC. The $159-suggested GL VisorTalk Traveler is designed in large part
for travelers. It features in-car visor mounting and a mini kickstand for
desktop use, but its small size enables it to be worn on a belt or attached to
a backpack.

The company also launched two Bluetooth hands-free headsets and a
visor-mount hands-free speakerphone accessory that lacks stereo playback

Gold Lantern, in
business for about four years, is returning to the Bluetooth speaker market
after about two years because the launch of the
iPhone “raised the level of recognition for stereo Bluetooth, a spokesman
said. The company’s product
mix has largely been Bluetooth headsets and digital photo frames. The company
also offers some mobility products, including battery packs, Wi-Fi finders and
the like.

company’s accounts include Fry’s,
Walmart’s online and brick-and-mortar stores, distributors DBL and Ingram, and select
cellular accessory distributors that cater to independents.

Of the two speaker introductions, the GL Soundflex GL-BTS10
desktop model takes the shape of a black 7-inch-long cylinder that uses a proprietary design to create a
wide, enveloping sound stage. It features efficient 2×2-watt Class D
amplification, dual 1.6-inch drivers, down-facing bass reinforcement ports, 3.5mm
input jack to connect MP3 players that lack Bluetooth, built-in hands-free microphone,
built-in 530mAH lithium-polymer rechargeable battery, USB
charger and AC charger. The battery delivers talktime is up to 10 hours, standby
time of 250 hours and music-playback time of five hours. An incoming call
automatically mutes music playback, which resumes after the call ends.

For a PC, the SoundFlex can
be used not only for music playback but also as a speakerphone for a PC’s VoIP
application, the company said.

The GL VisorTalk Traveler GL-MB150, about the size of a pack of
cigarettes, can be mounted to a car’s visor or worn on a belt, backpack or
armband. It features voice caller ID, which
announces the name or number of the caller. It’s targeted in part to
frequent travelers who want a Bluetooth kit
for rental cars, a speakerphone attachment for making conference calls in a hotel
room, and a speaker system to listen to music stored in the traveler’s phone,
the company said.

It comes with a miniature
kickstand for desktop use and uses Sound Expansion technology to widen the
sound stage. It also features DSP echo and noise-cancellation
technology and an 1100mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery delivering 20 hours
of talktime, 20 hours of music playback time and 500 hours of standby time.

Both speaker systems feature the AVRCP remote-control profile so they can be controlled from the user’s Bluetooth-enabled

The company’s two new
Bluetooth headsets range are shipping at suggested retails of $39.99 and $179..

The G-Value at $39.99
features the CSR chipset used in costlier headsets, the company said. It weighs 7 grams and delivers four hours of talktime
and 110 hours of standby. Features include one-key operation, support for voice dialing and redialing, and adjustable
ear hook.

The 11-gram Dual GL-G2 at $139 is the brand’s premium dual-microphone Bluetooth
headset. It combines two microphones to isolate the user’s voice with DSP to
virtually eliminate background noise, said CEO George Stepancich. Most competing models are “fairly effective in
noisy environments,” he said, but “in a quiet or normal situation, call quality
actually suffered. The GL Dual works well in both environments.” 

Other Dual features include voice
caller ID to announces the caller, a verbal battery-status check to warn of a
low battery, multipoint connection to connect two mobile phones and
switch between them, four hours of talktime
and 120 hours of standby

In visor-mount speakerphone
accessories, the company is shipping the $179-suggested VisorTalk Trek GL-MK30,
an AC/DC model that can also be used as a desktop speakerphone. An OLED screen that
rotates 180 degrees displays caller ID information visible in direct sunlight.
For safety, the device also announces caller ID information. For call clarity,
it features two microphones and DSP. It also supports voice-activated dialing and
multipoint connection. The device offers 15 hours of talktime or 300 hours of
standby on its rechargeable battery.