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GoldenEar Ready For Its Close-Up


— The first in-room speakers from startup
GoldenEar Technology will get their long-awaited debut
at the CEDIA Expo.

The company, founded by Sandy Gross, co-founder
of Polk Audio and Definitive Technology, and Don
Givogue, another Definitive co-founder, will demonstrate
five in-room speakers and two subwoofers.

They’re targeting to independent A/V specialists
who are seeking a protected line that’s “new and
exciting,” Gross told TWICE. The company doesn’t
plan to sell to regional chains or to online stores.

The company, which signed up 40 U.S. dealers and several foreign distributors by late August,
pointed to the use of such technologies
as accordion-like ribbon tweeters and multivaned
phase plugs on midrange/bass drivers
as enabling the speakers to deliver greater
frequency response, dynamic range, and detail
than competing models at the same price
points and with greater imaging width, depth
and height, said Gross.

Both technologies appear in all speakers but
the two stand-alone powered subs.

The accordion-like ribbon tweeters, called highvelocity
folded ribbon (HVFR) tweeters, deliver the
dynamic range and smooth extended response of
an 8-inch-long flat ribbon tweeter, thanks to the
design’s ability to push air at higher velocities than
a traditional ribbon tweeter, Gross said. With the
size of 1-inch dome tweeter, they deliver wider
dispersion than ribbon tweeters. The multi-vaned
phase plug on the upper bass/midrange drivers
extends midrange response smoothly at higher
frequencies, he added.

The lineup is expected to ship in October.