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Golden Joins Hartford Computer Group

Chicago — The Hartford Computer Group has tapped Former Polaroid and World Wide Licenses executive Stephen Golden to re-launch the Argus brand in digital cameras as the division’s marketing VP.

According to Golden, the 68-year-old Argus brand is ripe for a resurrection and the logistics, support and resources of Hartford Computer Group will enable the company’s upcoming product line to have an impact with first time digital camera buyers.

“We’re a tier-three brand, my goal is the opening price point, to be the first digital camera that people buy,” Golden said. The focus would be on ease of use and quality, Golden added.

He noted that the company was working on its product roadmap now and would introduce new models at CES targeting sub-$100 price points, including 4- and 5-megapixel cameras.

Argus, which was acquired by Hartford in July 2003, is currently selling four digital cameras under $100.