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Go-Video Line Adds Four Heads To Decks

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Sensory Science introduced the first Go-Video-branded dual-deck DVD player and VCR and introduced new low price points for the brand’s dual-deck VCR lineup.

The Go-Video DVD/VCR (DVR-5000) is scheduled to ship in August at a $399 suggested retail price. The unit packs a four-head HiFi VCR with a DVD player into a single chassis. Features include Dolby Digital decoding, MP3 audio file playback from CD-ROMs and CD-Rs, and component video outputs.

Due to regulations in the Digital Millennium Copy Right Act, the player will not dub Macrovision-encoded material on DVDs to VHS tapes, but it will record DVD videos that do not have copy protection. The same legislation, which became effective last year, now prevents Go-Video dual-deck VCRs from duplicating Macrovision-protected tapes.

All three new dual-deck VCRs will feature the side-by-side deck configuration, although a spokesman said new models in the stacked-deck configuration will be announced later. The new units include one mono and two HiFi stereo models.

Among the new features in the latest line are flying erase heads for clean transitions between edits, QSound 3D simulated surround sound from two-channel systems, VCR Plus+ on midline models, and four heads on both decks in all models.

Carryover features include one-touch copying and recording; simultaneous playback on one deck while recording on the other; “super hi-speed” rewind; automatic assemble editing of up to eight scenes; and video sequencing to view or record two tapes in endless-loop sequences.

Chief among the feature distinctions of the Go-Video line is Sensory Science’s AmeriChrome circuitry, which enables “picture-perfect” tape copying, the company said.

The entry four-head mono piece (DDV9935) carries a $299 estimated street price, the midline HiFi model (DV9556) carries a $399 retail, and the top-end DD9755 carries a $449 retail. All models are shipping now.

The DDV9755 and DDV9556 HiFi units allow for dual-recording capability, onscreen titling and a multi-scene editor capable of assembling eight scenes in selected sequences.

A function called Complete Program Record senses the end of a tape and switches to slow play to ensure complete copies, while the Child Lock disables the front of the unit completely.

New this year on the midline DDV9556 HiFi model is QSound 3D, an audio imaging circuit for arena, stage and cinema sound simulation from two speakers. Also added is a multipurpose remote with glow-in-the-dark keys. It includes auto-setup that automatically sets the clock and searches for channels.

The top-end DDV9755 adds S-VHS playback, longer-life Duraheads that reduce the need for head cleaning, VCR-Plus C3 and a rear-panel S-Video input. The DDV9755 adds a jog-shuttle remote and two sets of rear RCA jacks.

Sensory Science said the new models will ship “throughout the company’s distribution network of more than 8,000 leading electronics retailers in North America, including Circuit City, Sears and Good Guys, as well as numerous Internet retailers and catalogs.”