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West Chester, Pa. - Richard Glikes has formed Azione Unlimited (AU), a new buying group for midsize custom retailers and integrators. 

The former executive director of Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) said the new organization will be fully operational by the beginning of 2012.

Azione, which is Italian for "action," will have a maximum of 250 non-competing dealer members nationwide as well as 32 vendors that would also be designated as members, Glikes indicated. The group, based here, will be built upon a combination of progressive vendor programs, leading-edge marketing, and extensive interaction between dealer and vendor members, he said. 

During his 35-year tenure in the A/V industry Glikes has co-owned two HiFi House locations, served as VP and general manager of Bryn Mawr Stereo, and lead HTSA for 15 years as executive director. He resigned from that post in August following a contract dispute with the board, and said the new group would not compete with HTSA.

 "They have their niche and we have ours. We are looking for dealers who are not in a group or who find the programs, services, and marketing of their existing group lacking in substance. There are literally thousands of dealers looking for the right fit," he said.

Glikes said AU's goals include:

  • providing an ongoing dialogue and platforms on ideas, interaction and execution excellence;
  • creating a cohesive national network of leading-edge entrepreneurs;
  • delivering exceptional profits to members to ensure their long-term success; and
  • fostering focused support for vendor and dealer members.

Glikes also foresees the creation of secondary group by 2013 that would help owners develop adjunct businesses to transition from their current companies.

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