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GE’s Campbell Collapses

Louisville, Ky. – GE appliances
president Jim Campbell collapsed during a speech by Vice President Joe Biden at
a dishwasher plant here yesterday.

According to a report in the
Louisville Courier-Journal, Campbell may have fainted from the sweltering heat
in the factory. He fell from a stool on a 3-foot-high platform toward the end
of Biden’s 25-minute address to employees, but quickly recovered and was taken
to an on-site medical clinic for evaluation.

The plant is located in GE’s
Appliance Park industrial facility, where $25 million in federal stimulus funds
will help create 800 jobs producing next-generation “smart” appliances.

“Some say we cannot afford to make
investments,” Biden told 400 workers gathered at a warehouse near idled
production lines. “I say we cannot afford not to.”