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Gentec Adds To iQ Mount Line

Toronto – Gentec
International recently added five models to its iQ line of wall mounts.

The new models all
come with 10-year warranties and range in price from $99.99 to $399.

The IQLP1 ($99.99)
and IQLPT1 ($119) are designed for use with 37-inch to 65-inch TVs, with the
former supporting up to 132 pounds and latter supporting up to 150 pounds. The
IQLPT1 also offers tilt adjustment up to 12 degrees.

The IQMS1R ($249)
and IQLS1R ($399) are the only in-wall recessed swing arm mounts on the market
today, Gentec said. Features include integrated cable and power management. The
IQMS1R supports TVs measuring 23 to 40 inches and up to 80 pounds, with the
IQLS1R supporting 37- to 65-inch TVs weighing up to 200 pounds.

installation is recommended for both models, Gentec said.

Finally, the steel
IQPRO1 ($99.99) is billed as a fully adjustable, universal mount meant for
ceiling-mounted projectors up to 33 pounds. It has a quick-disconnect mechanism
for easy access and maintenance.