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Gennum Debuts Video Processors

Gennum, a leading manufacturer of video-processing chips for better quality video display systems, will present a pair of new image processors designed to convert multiple image formats to the requirements of the display with minimal artifacts and natural color reproduction.

Gennum’s new GF9350 and GF9351 both incorporate Visual Excellence Processing (VXP Technology), which utilizes image processing algorithms originally designed for professional and broadcast video applications.

Gennum said applications for the GF9351 include high-end home theater and television products ranging from large-screen LCDs and PDPs to rear- and front-projection systems.

Gennum said the GF9350 is currently used in display systems manufactured by Marantz, Samsung, Optoma, Christie, Pixel Magic, Leitch, Anthem and LG.

VXP Technology offers the following attributes: TruMotion HD offering 1,080i-1,080p adaptive de-interlacing for maintenance of optimal image sharpness and resolution, FineEdge for dynamic directional interpolation that eliminates jaggy artifacts and results in much sharper images, even for HDTV, FidelityEngine, which removes unwanted noise and improves detail, and RealityExpansion, delivering true 10-bit image processing for over 1 billion colors, less color banding and more brightness values.