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Genelec Rolls Out Rounded Speakers

Natick, Mass. – Genelec has rolled out a series of four active speakers and two active subwoofers, all with curved, rounded designs.

The four active G series speakers are the $395-each G1, $695-each G2, $995 G3, and $1,595 G4. All are two-way bi-amplified models that can be bookshelf or stand mounted. The two matching subwoofers in the F series are the $795 6.5-inch F1 and $1,795 8-inch F2. All are available in white, and the G1 is also available in black.

Most of the products are additions to the line, not replacements, said U.S. marketing director Will Eggleston.

In the G series, the company uses gently curving enclosures in part to deliver dramatic styling but also to enhance sound quality, the company said. “Sharp edges or corners on a loudspeaker enclosure cause acoustic reflections that interfere with the direct sound,” the company explained. “This harmful interference – diffraction – is dramatically reduced by the smooth, curved design of the G Series, audible in the excellent resolution and solid sound imaging of the products.”

The speakers also feature a proprietary Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) around their high-frequency driver to match the frequency response and directivity characteristics of each speaker’s woofer. The result, the company said, is smooth frequency response on- and off-axis and controlled directivity that maximizes the direct sound aimed at the listening area.

The two F series subwoofers are designed to complement the G series in cosmetics and in sound reproduction.

The top model in the G series is the $1,595 G4, which features 6.5-inch woofer and 0.75-inch metal-dome in an enclosure measuring 14.4 by 9.3 by 8.8 inches. It delivers a maximum SPL of 105dB per speaker at 1 meter, frequency response of 45Hz-21kHz (+/-3 dB), and 90-watt amplifier for each driver.

The $995 G3 features 5-inch woofer, 0.75-inch metal-dome tweeter, maximum SPL of 100dB per speaker, frequency response of 55Hz-21kHz, 40-watt amp for each driver, and enclosure measuring 11.8 by 7.4 by 7 inches.

The $695 G2 features a 4-inch woofer, 0.75-inch metal-dome tweeter, frequency response of 65Hz-21kHz, 20-watt amplifier for each driver, and an enclosure measuring 9.5 by 5.9 by 5.6 inches.

The $395 G1, in black or white, features a 3-inch woofer and a 0.75-inch tweeter.

For the companion subwoofers, Genelec crafted a metal enclosure that hides the driver and connectors on the bottom to provide a smooth, clean-form appearance, the company said. Both models include bass management for up to 5.1 channels and a suite of adjustments to match the subs to their companion speakers and to the room’s acoustics, the company said.

The $795 6.5-inch F1 features 40-watt amp, phase adjustment from 0 to 270 degrees in 90-degree steps, frequency response of 35-85/120 Hz (+/-3dB), and maximum SPL of 98dB at 1 meter.

The $1,795 8-inch F2 features 150-watt amp, 0 to 270degrees in 90-degree steps, and 102dB maximum SPL at 1 meter.

Genelec is celebrating its 35th anniversary.