Gefen To Demo 4x1 HD Switcher With 5.1 Audio

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GefenTV, the Chatsworth, Calif.-based audio/video solutions manufacturer, travels to CEDIA Expo this week to demonstrate its 4x1 HD switcher with audio decoding switches, four HDMI source ports and the ability to deliver multi-channel audio as 5.1 surround sound

The next-generation A/V processor supplies a centralized, one-box solution that can integrate four high-def sources using HDMI. It will also decode audio to create 5.1 surround sound audio, GefenTV said. Alternatively, it can also process audio sources using digital and analog audio inputs as 5.1-surround sound for added flexibility.

When one of the four HDMI sources is selected, video is delivered as 1080p FullHD with 3DTV passthrough, to keep the system futureready. Multichannel audio from the same HDMI source is delivered as 5.1-surround sound through standard RCA connectors using Dolby Digital technology, the company said.

It works with all HDMI devices, including Blu-ray players, Apple TVs, set-top boxes and gaming consoles.

If the optical, coax or L/R analog audio input is selected, audio is delivered as 5.1 surround sound through the RCA connectors using Dolby Pro Logic II technology. CD players, MP3 players, laptops and iPods can all be connected through the digital and analog audio ports.

The 4x1 HD switcher w/audio decoding processes signals to an existing amplifier or for connecting directly to powered surround sound speakers. The mini LCD on the front panel gives status information; front-panel buttons offer access to the onscreen display menu, volume and power control.

An IR remote and RS-232 port offer additional methods of control, including 12-volt triggers for home-automation integration.

“The GefenTV 4x1 HD switcher with audio decoding uses the most advanced HDMI technology combined with Dolby technologies that produce the highest-quality audio decoding available today,” stated Hagai Gefen, GefenTV president and CEO.


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