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Gefen Adds HD Switcher, DVI Extender

To connect remote and local video components, Gefen plans to introduce an HDTV Switcher, HDTV Splitter and the DVI-1000HD Extender.

The Extender transmits HDCP-compliant DVI high-definition video via fiber optics up to 500 meters and could be used to connect an in-ceiling HD projector to a DVD player or satellite set-top box in another room.

The palm-sized HDTV Switcher comes with two DVI cables to link two digital sources via DVI-HDCP to one HDTV screen. The sources could be DVI-equipped DVD players and DVI set-top boxes.

The HDTV Splitter splits one HD signal into two via DVI-HDCP. It’s intended for presentation and entertainment venues or multiroom simultaneous viewing. Its range was unavailable.