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GE Returns To CES With White Goods


GE Appliances & Lighting will
make its International CES debut this week at the
show’s new Connected Home Appliances pavilion
in LVCC South Hall 2.

It has been years since the days of GE being in
the CE business with its brand and RCA that corporately
GE has been a CES exhibitor.

Today CES “provides a perfect opportunity to
demonstrate how GE is uniquely positioned to
provide the tools that will help consumers better
manage their power consumption and costs so they
can realize the benefits of the smart grid,” explained
Dave McCalpin, the company’s general manager of
home energy management, a newly created business

“In our booth [No. 26100], visitors can see how
GE can provide solutions under one brand that will
help bring the power and potential of the smart
grid to life for consumers, utilities and communities
across the country,” he said.

These include residential wind and solar powergeneration
products; the GE WattStation electric
vehicle (EV) charger; LED lighting; smart meters;
home health tools; and a suite of home products on
the company’s “Brillion” platform, which enables
cooperative communication between networked
devices and the smart grid.

Brillion-enabled products include GE Profile appliances,
programmable thermostats, in-home displays,
smartphone apps and, at the core of the CES
display, the Nucleus energy manager, an affordable,
innovative communication and data-storage device
that provides consumers with secure information
about their household electricity use and costs so
they can make more informed choices about how
and when to use power.

Smart appliances on display include GE Profile
refrigerators, ranges, microwave ovens, dishwashers,
clothes washers and dryers, and a hybrid water
heater. Among their benefits:

• the refrigerator delays the defrost cycle from
occurring during peak hours and goes into energy
saving mode, and has reduced energy usage during
peak hours by more than 20 percent in a pilot

• the “smart” dishwasher can shift the cleaning
cycle to off-peak times; and

• the hybrid water heater operates only in heat
pump mode during periods of peak costs, reducing
wattage by over 80 percent compared to a standard
electric tank water heater, GE said.