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GE Promotes Majap Dealer Recycling


GE Appliance & Lighting launched a
new initiative this month to encourage retail participation
in the Environmental Protection
Agency’s (EPA) Responsible
Appliance Disposal program

GE is the only appliance
maker to date to participate
in the program, which in part
promotes the responsible disposal
of refrigerators and refrigeration
insulating foam to
help protect the ozone layer
and reduce greenhouse gas
emissions (GHG).

GE said it will help majap
dealers establish a RAD program
partnership by facilitating
the retailer’s relationship
with EPA and Appliance Recycling
Centers of America
(ARCA), one of the nation’s
largest recyclers of major household appliances for electric
utilities’ energy conservation programs.

ARCA is also the exclusive North American distributor
for UNTHA Recycling Technology (URT), a materialsrecovery
system for household refrigeration appliances
that extracts about 95 percent of their insulating foam
to reduce typical refrigerator landfill waste by 85 percent
by weight, and reduces GHG and ozone-depleting substance
(ODS) emissions recovered from insulating foam.

Under the GE initiative, ARCA will haul away a retailer’s
used appliance volume, including all major household appliance
types, for delivery to ARCA’s Advanced Processing
facility (AAP), here, and will support the retailer in reporting
environmental metrics annually to the EPA.

GE will also provide RAD program retail partners with
in-store point-of-purchase materials, online marketing and
advertising, and other marketing assistance.

GE announced the initiative, and the participation of
The Home Depot, at the AAP facility, here, where guests
saw the recycling center’s 40-foot tall URT system in operation. ARCA also announced the addition of six states to
APP’s service territory, bringing the total to 12 states. The
new additions include Connecticut
Delaware, Maryland,
Massachusetts, New Jersey,
New York, North Carolina,
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island
Vermont, Virginia and West

“Helping retailers get involved
in EPA’s RAD program
will differentiate them from
their competitors,” noted Mark
Shirkness, general manager,
distribution services, GE Appliances
& Lighting. “As the
first manufacturer to partner
with EPA’s RAD program, GE
is leveraging its relationships
with ARCA, AAP and the EPA
to get appliance retailers involved
in appliance recycling
so they can deliver a much-desired service to consumers.”

Indeed, according to a 2010 survey conducted by The
Stevenson Company for GE Appliances & Lighting, 70
percent of consumers want all or part of their appliances
recycled, and 82 percent will go out of their way to purchase
from a retailer that recycles. Sixty-seven percent of
customers are also willing to pay more for an appliance if
a retailer offers recycling programs, the survey showed.