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GE Majap Biz Reports 8% Sales Rise

Fairfield, Conn. — Sales in the major appliance business segment at GE increased 8 percent in the first quarter, rising to $3.5 billion from a year-earlier $3.3 billion.

The company’s consumer and industrial segment, which includes majaps and lighting, reported a 33 percent rise in quarterly profit, increasing to $220 million from a year-ago $165 million.

Consolidated GE sales for the quarter ending March 31 climbed 10 percent, hitting $37.8 billion, up from $34.4 billion in the same quarter in 2005.

Consolidated net earning for the three months increased 9 percent, reaching $4.3 billion from a year-ago $4 billion. The company reported double-digit earnings growth in five of its six business segments.