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GE Launches Multichannel Kitchen Campaign

LOUISVILLE, KY. – GE Appliances has launched a 14- week marketing campaign that underscores the consumer- driven technologies behind its latest kitchen products.

The TV and digital effort, dubbed “Reimagining Home,” takes a page from the company’s own consumer usage studies by providing an appliance’s-eye view of people’s interactions with their ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators.

“The national campaign is designed to communicate a key element of our business strategy – one that is obsessed with innovation designed around what the consumer needs,” said GE Appliances chief marketing officer Eddie Martin. “The work introduces the brand idea of ‘Reimagining Home’ through the lens of our three new products.”

Featured in a national TV spot is a new stainless-interior dishwasher with 102 cleaning jets, a French-door refrigerator with hands-free water autofill, and a gas slide-in range with three-ring burner.

As an extension of the integrated campaign, an interactive microsite has been created on where visitors can click on “hotspots” located throughout an image of a kitchen. Each clickable hot spot pulls up a cloud of insights, ideas, infographics, demo videos, social streams and lessons, the company said.

“The site offers a rich, digital experience that highlights the great new features in our products and includes content based on social insights around kitchen,” noted Wendy Brown, GE’s manager of consumer digital and social media.

GE said the inspiration for the campaign came from hundreds of hours of studying consumer insights about appliances as the manufacturer continually looks to improve its products’ design and functionality. The campaign also underscores GE’s pursuit of innovation and the consumer’s role in developing more intelligent and intuitive products, the company said.

“Through our research, we’ve learned that people really want their kitchen space to be a reflection of their home space,” said consumer insight manager Leanne Dugan. “They want it to be less a utilitarian center of the home – it’s become more of an extension of their living space.”

GE also gleaned from its research that preferences for appliances’ role in the kitchen had also changed. “Consumers used to want their appliances to stand out,” Leanne noted. “Today, they want them to be less conspicuous. They want the design of appliances to have a more modern, clean look in keeping with the rest of their home.”

That insight led to a completely redesigned “transitional” appearance for GE branded appliances that is being highlighted in the ads and online.