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Gateway One Introduced

New York — Gateway today unveiled the Gateway One all-in-one desktop, the first in what will be a family of computers and peripherals designed to fit and operate anywhere in a home.

The three SKU Gateway One line is intended for use in non-traditional areas of a home where the consumer would want a relatively small, yet fully functional, desktop computer capable of performing tasks ranging from email to watching TV, said Gary Elsasser, Gateway’s products senior VP.

All three models are centered on a 19W-inch LCD that along with the rest of the front panel of the computer acts as a speaker using NXT flat-panel speaker technology. Another new feature is the “smart” power brick that not only powers the unit, but contains four USB ports, Ethernet connectivity and S/PDIF Audio. This reduces the number of cables attached to the PC itself to just one, with the rest hiding on the floor with the power brick, Elsasser said.

The units are priced at $1,299, $1,599 and $1,799, but this can vary depending upon configuration. All will become available in November with the midrange model selling only through, while the other two initially will be at Best Buy. Wider retail distribution should happen by early December, Elsasser said.

All are powered by an Intel 2 Duo core processor; the entry-level model uses an Intel GM965 graphics chipset with the pricier models using an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XT graphics card. Standard memory is 2GB or 3GB and is upgradeable to 4GB. HDD storage varies depending user configuration, but the models can handle two 500GB drives.

The keyboard and mouse are wireless and the One family includes embedded 802.11g/a/n networking. It comes standard with Microsoft Vista Home Premium and TV tuners can be included.

The Gateway One