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Gateway Notebooks Gain Color

Irvine, Calif. – Gateway’s latest line of notebook computers will join the industry’s renewed interest in delivering colorful products designed to make a fashion statement along. Not that color cases for notebooks is new, a few years ago it was all the rage, but like most fashion trends it went out and is now back, said Derek Boduch, product manager, consumer notebooks, adding there is another difference. “We are adding more style and a look to the product, not just color,” he said, adding that the trend is spilling directly from the cellphone market where people like to match their phone to their personality and lifestyle. Gateway’s M and T series, now available on a configure to order basis only direct from Gateway, can be configured in three colors crimson red, Pacific blue and slate grey. Just like in the clothing industry black is also available as it never really goes out of style, Boduch said. Starting on July 22 the M-6816 and T-6815 will be available at retail with suggested prices starting at $899. Another factor in how Gateway is designing its notebooks is by paying as much attention to the portion that faces the user as the outside that the rest of the world sees. “When you open it up this is your interface and is important to you,” he said. Since the M and T series are build-to-order specifications and thus price will vary. Each is available with either Intel Centrino Mobile Technology and an Intel core 2 duo processor, HDMI interface, integrated web cam, various ATI graphics cards and DVD burners. The M Series is equipped with a 15.4-inch display, while the T Series has a 14.1-inch screen.