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Gateway Moves Ultraportables Back Into Line

Gateway re-entered the ultraportable notebook computer market in March with the release of the E-100M.

The 3.1-pound E-100M is the company’s first ultraportable to hit retail since the company pulled out of the category in 2002. It uses Intel’s Centrino mobile technology and a Ultra Low Voltage 1300 Core Solo processor. While the unit is configurable, a basic unit comes standard with a DVD burner, 512MB of DDR2 SDRAM, 12.1-inch display and a 40GB hard drive.

Gateway believes the majority of sales will take place to businesses, but it is also positioning the E-100M for consumers.

The standard quipped 3-cell battery delivers about 2.5 hours of power, while the optional 6-cell version should enable the notebook to run for six hours.