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Gateway Debuts FX530 Series Gaming PC

Irvine, Calif. – Gateway has launched a high-end desktop PC line for the computer enthusiast/gaming market.

Consumers can either configure to order FX530 Series model or choose from three pre-configured models with prices starting at $2,499.

The top end FX530XL, $4,999, and FX530XT, $3,999, are powered by the same Intel Core 2 Extreme 2.92GHz processor with 1066MHZ L2 cache, but can be upgraded to Intel’s upcoming quad-core processors when they become available. The FX530XG is equipped with a Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz processor and cannot be upgraded to the quad-core.

Other shared features for the first two models are 2GB of PC5300 dual channel DDR2 667MHz SDRAM, dual 10,000rpm 150GB hard drives, dual card ATI Radeon x1950 XT Crossfire graphics card with 512MB of DDR3 memory, DVI, VGA and TV-out, PCI Express expansion slots and Soundblaster X-Fi audio. Each comes with an 8x multi-format double layer DVD burner and a combo DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive.

The FX530XL doubles the memory, has dual 750GB hard drives, Logitech, X-530 5.1 surround sound and a single 8x multi-format DVD burner. The FX530XL and FX560XT come with a 24W-inch LCD

All three PCs use the Microsoft Media Center 2005 Edition and are bundles with Microsoft Works, Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premier Elements.