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Garmin Seeks To Expand Geo-Caching Hobby

Olathe, Kan. – Garmin hopes to stimulate demand for GPS handhelds
with the launch of, a free online site promoted as making it
easy to create, find and share caches.

Because the free site is designed to be “the most intuitive
experience possible,” the company said, it will promote the growth of the geo-caching
hobby to a wider consumer base and stimulate sales of GPS handhelds.

Geo-caching hobbyists stash a container of items in a public
area, save the GPS coordinates, and upload the coordinates to a website. Other
people search for the cache by going to the website and downloading the cache’s
coordinates to a GPS handheld. will work with any device or software package
that can read GPX files, regardless of manufacturer, the company said.

“By making it free and easy to download every detail of every
cache, will introduce more people to this great activity and
show them just how fun, easy and rewarding it can be,” said Dan Bartel,
Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales.

For first-time geo-cachers, the site includes a how-to guide. The
site also provides tips and lets people rank a geo-caching experience by
terrain and difficulty.

For cachers who created or found caches via other sites, Garmin
designed OpenCaching’s cache code system to coexist and integrate with other
databases, devices and applications. Cachers can add existing caches they own