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Garmin Launches Runners Watch, Truck PND

Olathe, Kan. – Garmin is targeting entry-level runners and truckers with a new GPS watch and the company’s first 7-inch PND for truckers.

The $129-suggested Forerunner 10 running watch, available in the fall, expands the company’s fitness lineup of products and represents a new opening price point for Garmin runner’s watches, which previously started at $179.

“The Forerunner 10 is lighter than any other Garmin running watch and really focused on the essentials, such as measuring how far and how fast you run. It can be used by runners of all levels,” a spokesman said, “but we think that it will be especially appealing to entry-level runners or those who care most about the core data.”

It’s positioned as Garmin’s first running watch “designed specifically for runners who want to simply lace up their shoes, push one button and just run,” the company added.

During a run, runners will see their time and distance displayed on one screen and calories and pace on another. The Forerunner 10 also features such simple training features as Virtual Pacer, which compares the current running pace to the target pace, and a run/walk feature for running plans that include walking breaks.

The Forerunner 10 also stores and displays runners’ seven previous runs. Once a run is completed, runners see a summary of how they did, including total time, distance, average pace and calories. The Forerunner 10 also displays individual lap times/splits within the history.

The watch comes in three colors: green, pink, and black with red accents. The black and red model has a slightly larger display and wider wristband. It can be worn as a day-to-day timepiece because its battery lasts up to five hours in training mode but up to five weeks in power-save mode, the company added.

For truckers, the company launched the $399-suggested Dēzl 760, expected to ship in the fourth quarter. It’s the company’s first trucking navigator with 7-inch display and a new Active Lane Guidance feature to navigate intersections and exits. The largest trucker PND previously offered by the company had a 5-inch display.

The Dēzl 760 features truck-specific features such as route calculations based on road restrictions for large vehicles based on vehicle height, weight, length and carriage. Users enter the truck’s profile before navigating. It also provides warnings of upcoming hazards such as sharp curves.

 The PND also features trucking points of interest, hours of service logging, extra-loud speaker and backup camera support. It is compatible with a Garmin Smartphone Link app to receive real-time information such as fuel prices, traffic camera images and weather.