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Garmin Bring GPS To BlackBerry 

Olathe, Kan.—Garmin introduced a new GPS application that works with select BlackBerry devices, effectively converting the BlackBerry to a portable GPS device.

The service displays 3D moving maps on the Blackberry and provides rerouting. To receive the Garmin Mobile service, users must subscribe to a special Sprint/Nextel GPS plan for $9.99 per month.Subscribers to other carriers may use additional Garmin GPS kits to enable service through select BlackBerry models, said Garmin.

The Garmin Mobile service resides on a server and is continually updated.Two other non-server based Garmin GPS kits debuted today offering on-board GPS navigation for mobile devices.

The new Garmin Mobile 20 offers turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions for 50 models of smartphones.It provides a mounting kit with the GPS receiver built in to convert the smartphone to a portable GPS device.The mount also charges the smartphone and adds Bluetooth hands-free capability.It will be available in November at $299.

The Garmin Mobile 10 includes a GPS sensor plus software that turns Bluetooth enabled products into navigation devices.The Mobile 10 can work with PDAs, laptops and smartphones. It will be available in November for $199.