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Gap: Retail Ultra HD TV Ad Share Accelerates

SAN DIEGO – Ad share for Ultra HD TVs has risen dramatically over the past year to claim 16 percent of all ads in third quarter, up from only 2 percent in the same period last year.

Top Ultra HD manufacturers LG, Samsung and Sony are putting a lot of effort into educating consumers about the new technology, as well as trying to stay ahead of each other in a small but competitive space, according to Deirdre Kennedy, Gap Intelligence TV market analyst.

Interestingly, Sony, whose overall TV assortment is not as large as Samsung and LG, and which likely has the most to gain from a successful UHD selling season, is at the rear of the pack, with only 49 UHD ads placed over the course of Q3, compared with 116 from Samsung and 79 from LG, Gap pointed out.