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Gameboy Bag Transforms From Carrier To Play Station

Portable storage maker Mascot Metropolitan introduced a game case at CES here that holds a Gameboy Advance as well as up to eight game cartridges and accessories, such as batteries, headphones, charger and lights.

Called the Advance Action Pack, the storage bag transforms from a portable carrier to a playing station and offers a front compartment that completely unzips from the rest of the case, giving the user a portable play pad for better playing action and increased protection.

Four factors separate the Advance Action Pack from competing products, according to Mascot Metropolitan — a gel grip play pad, quality of construction, multi-functionality and compact design. By employing molded silicon gel encased in flexible fabric constructed of heavy-gauge ballistic nylon, the company said it has designed the first gel grip play pad to improve gaming performance and enhance usability.

Promoted by San-Francisco-based Mascot Metropolitan to be the smallest case on the market designed to carry eight games, accessories and a Gameboy, the product currently is being sold online for a suggested $24.95. When available in stores, the unit is expected to have suggested retails that range from $14.99 to $19.95.