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Gallo Acoustics Going Traditional At CES

Chatsworth, Calif. —

Anthony Gallo Acoustics

, which has
focused primarily on spherical speaker enclosures since its founding in 1994,
will corner the speaker market at ICES with its first in-room speakers using
more traditional wooden-box enclosures.

The company contends it found
ways to overcome the sonic flaws inherent in square and rectangular enclosures.



series will incorporate
the company’s first speakers with a more traditional look and will start
roughly at around $695/pair.

“The box is tough to get to sound
right because of many inherent flaws with the enclosure,” a spokesman said. Spherical
speaker enclosures have had multiple advantages over square and rectangular
wood-box enclosures, including rigidity and ability to “virtually eliminate any
issues with external diffraction, which can occur as sound leaves the driver
and surrounds the enclosure,” the spokesman continued.

To bring round sound to
squared-off enclosures, Gallo is adopting multiple design strategies, including
the use of patented S2 filling used in its speaker spheres to eliminate
standing waves, take care of problems caused by parallel walls, and fix the
Helmholtz resonance, the spokesman said.

Gallo is using the term “Un-Box”
to refer to the Classico speakers’ enclosure type “to describe the sound,” he

 “With the introduction of the Classico line,
we are now able to offer the award-winning Gallo sound in a more traditional
aesthetic,” said company founder Anthony Gallo.