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Fulton Parent Seeks To Sell eCoupled

ADA, MICH. – Alticor announced that it is seeking buyers for its eCoupled wireless power intellectual property, developed by its subsidiary, Fulton Innovation.

Fulton said it owns more than 240 patents worldwide related to wireless power technology, with another 480 patents currently pending. The company played a leading role in establishing the global Qi standard for wireless power as a charter member of the International Wireless Power Consortium.

Alticor’s parent company is multi-level direct marketer Amway. The company entered the wireless charging business after developing the technology for eSpring, a waterfiltration device sold by Amway distributors.

“While the wireless power market is gaining momentum,” said Jim Weaver, VP, Alticor. “Alticor’s primary focus is offering business opportunity in the health, wellness and beauty industries. We are seeking a buyer that is well-positioned to accelerate adoption of wireless power and to maximize the potential of eCoupled intellectual property.”

Alticor said it intends to work with the eventual buyer to honor and support existing licensing agreements.

Amway plans to retain licensing to intellectual property used in eSpring products sold by its distributors.