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Fujitsu Joins Sony Battery Replacement Program

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation is joining Sony’s voluntary battery replacement program for certain battery packs that utilized Sony-manufactured lithium ion cells.

Fujitsu’s decision seems to be a pre-emptive strike, likely prompted by the recent highly-publicized incidents involving products from other companies like Dell and Apple which were found to contain faulty Sony batteries. A spokesperson for the company told TWICE that “at this time, there have been no instances of battery pack problems involving Fujitsu mobile products.”

The recall includes 17 notebook PCs that have been sold in Japan and an additional 10 models from the company’s Lifebook series, which were sold overseas. For a list of products eligible for replacement batteries and return instructions, visit

In related news, HP and Sony issued a joint statement stating that after testing by HP, no overheating occurred and there have been no reports of overheating in HP notebooks with Sony batteries. HP has chosen not to participate in Sony’s battery replacement program.