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Fujitsu Adds To Plasma Lineup

Fujitsu General America will introduce at this week’s CEDIA Expo four Plasmavision plasma display monitors featuring an upgraded version of its Advanced Video Movement digital video processor, the AVM II.

The company’s AVM II processor, which will be demonstrated at booth 360, features four improvements to enhance the picture quality, the company said.

Improvements include:

  • Picture Text Optimizer (PTO), which displays crisper, sharper pictures;
  • MPEG Noise Reduction, which eliminates video “noise” and other visual imperfections from digitally processed (compressed or expanded) data and removes “jaggy” diagonal edges;
  • Advanced Color Management (ACM), which adjusts specific hues on the screen, making blue skies bluer and flesh tones more natural;
  • Ambient Light Sensor (ALS), which senses the brightness of the surrounding environment and automatically adjusts screen brightness and contrast for optimal viewing.

The company’s new line of Plasmavision monitors includes two 42W-inch models — the EDTV-level P42VHA40US and HDTV-level P42HHA40US — the 50W-inch HDTV-level P50XHA40US and the 55W-inch HDTV-level P55XHA40US. All four include the AVM II processor, and new sleek cabinetry design.

All new models also include a DVI-D digital input with high-definition content protection (HDCP) and an RS-232 control port. New monitors also feature built-in stereo audio amplifiers.

Pricing and availability on new Plasmavision monitors to be announced this fall.