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Fujifilm Unveils Spring Accessory Lines

Valhalla, N.Y. — Fujifilm USA introduced Friday a collection of accessories ranging from camera cases to underwater camera housings for the spring 2009 FinePix digital camera line.

New accessory items for the FinePix F200EXR digital camera include a fitted leather case carrying a $30 suggested retail; an underwater housing, $180, enabling use of the camera’s EXR sensor technology in low-light scenes at depths up to 130 feet; a set of HD component cables for $50 enabling image playback from the camera on connected HDTV sets; and a replacement O-Ring kit for the F200 EXR underwater housing for $19.99.

For the FinePix Z33WP digital camera, Fujifilm is offering: a silicone camera case for $15, offering an extra layer of protection; a $19 sport case made of neoprene and rubberized edging and including a carabineer clasp; a $19 weatherproof molded EVA case including a weatherproof zipper; a $15 float strap that helps keep the Z33WP afloat while shooting around the water; and a $25 accessory kit, including a silicone case, a float strap and a neoprene fitted case.

For A-series digital cameras, the company is offering a $10 fitted case, and a $10 AV-C1 cable (which also works with J and Z-Series models) to playback images playback through a television set.

All items will ship this month to authorized Fujifilm retailers.