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Fujifilm Ramps Up Ad Campaign, Web Site

Valhalla, N.Y. — Fujifilm U.S.A. formally announced Monday a new long-term marketing campaign anchored to the slogan, “Every Picture Matters,” to play up the importance of digital photography and consumers’ desires for cameras that require little effort to get the picture right, almost every time.

The campaign will revolve around a newly launched Web site (, which Fujifilm designed to target what it calls “life enthusiasts” — people who enjoy life and want to share their experiences through photography.

The site will showcase Fujifilm’s photography heritage, in addition to offering a consumer-friendly guide to taking pictures.

One site feature, called “Why This Picture Matters,” displays a patchwork series of selected photographs that represents the essence of why Every Picture Matters, with descriptive statements associated with each photo, Fujifilm said. Other areas of the site are used to showcase information and photos of Fujifilm digital cameras, including awards and reviews.

“ `Every Picture Matters’ is a contemporary take on the timeless value that we all place on photos. It reflects the fresh approach Fujifilm has taken in developing our newest digital cameras, which consider our customers’ lifestyles as never before,” stated Todd Schrader, Fujifilm U.S.A electronic imaging division VP. “We want to market our 2009 camera lineup in the same kind of fresh and engaging way.”

The campaign began in May with a sponsorship on New York’s WPLJ radio, advertising the FinePix Z33WP waterproof digital camera on “Scott & Todd’s 2009 Summer Blast-Off” event from the Jersey Shore. The company is also showcasing the camera through large panel ads in local New York City retailers.

The campaign will continue over the summer with ads in national print publications and online. The company will also use airplane-drawn banner ads over popular public beaches and on mobile billboard trucks.