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Fujifilm Bows Next-Gen 3D Viewer In Japan

Tokyo –


introduced this week its next-generation FinePix Real 3D V3 digital viewer that
brings an improved glasses-free 3D viewing experience to a digital photo frame

The product, which goes on sale in Japan Nov. 12 at the
equivalent of a $640 suggested retail, is designed to give an alternative parallax
barrier-based 3D viewing system to legions of new digital 3D photographers
using 3D smartphones, 3D point-and-shoot cameras, and other 3D imaging devices
and source components.

Real 3D V3 will present both 3D and 2D stills and videos. If
features a 7.2-inch screen with up to 10,000 by 10,000 maximum resolution and
is able to display media.

It will support up to 720p HD movie playback, ships with a remote
control and has 512MB of internal memory, stereo speakers, SD card slots, USB
port and an HDMI port.

Fujifilm said the device is one of the first in its class to add
an HDMI port. Using it, viewers can connect new 3D-compatible devices, including
Blu-ray Disc players and Fujifilm’s own FinePix Real 3D W3 digital camera.

The company did not announce distribution plans for regions
outside of Japan at this time.