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FujiFilm Bows FinePix Truck Promo

NEW YORK — Fujifilm launched the FinePix “Picture of America” Tour, here, literally rolling out the FinePix truck — a specially designed 18 wheeler adorned with images of Fujifilm’s digital products.

The truck is part of a “mobile marketing initiative” that will travel the country for 10 months making 40 stops at various major retail outlets, sporting events, state fairs and other high traffic venues across the nation. Inside, the curious will be treated to hands on demonstrations of Fujifilm’s line of digital imaging products, including step-by-step demos of digital cameras, flash and optical media, image editing on a PC and finally, printing.

A company spokesperson said that this promotion will try to educate the customer, “and since ultimately we’ll be closely tied to retail locations, we want to drive traffic to those stores.”

Retailers will also have a chance to come aboard the FinePix truck to learn about Fujifilm’s retail solutions, including the Aladdin print station and a prototype print fulfillment kiosk.

The truck’s schedule can be found online at