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Fujifilm Adds Walgreens To “Get the Picture” Online Service

Valhalla, N.Y. — Fujifilm announced today that it had added drug store chain Walgreens to its Get the Picture online service, effectively doubling the number of retail store fronts where consumers can send digital camera and camera phone images for printing.

Walgreens will be featured as a retail print option in Fujifilm’s Web site, and will be embedded with other Get the Picture partners like Ritz Camera and Wal-Mart into the retail printing options of Windows XP’s Print Wizard, Microsoft’s Digital Image Library and Photo Mail software.

The drug store chain’s 5,500 store fronts will also be print destinations for Fujifilm’s carrier partners such as Cingular, Alltell and Sprint Nextel, allowing camera phone users to wirelessly upload images to Walgreens for printing.

Walgreens also offers in-store printing services for AOL’s photo Web-site and Sony’s Image Station site, in addition to its own online service.