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Fuji Introduces D-SLR, Consumer Cam

Fujifilm pulled back the curtain on its previously announced S5 Pro d-SLR and added its first consumer point-and-shoot with a blog mode.

The S5 Pro, will ship in February for a suggested $1,999.

The S5 Pro can offer a wider dynamic range than competitive models because it employs two 6-megapixel sensors, Fujifilm said. A new processor allows the camera to offer light sensitivities to ISO 3200.

The camera employs Fujifilm’s as a post-capture feature to zoom in on faces to confirm exposure or whether eyes were open or closed. The S5 also features an 11-point AF system, a 2.5-inch 235,000 pixel LCD screen with a 30-second live preview and compatibility with Nikon F-mount lenses.

For consumers, the company will ship the 6-megapixel FinePix Z5fd in March for a suggested $229. It is the company’s first to offer a blog mode. When the Z5fd is set to blog mode, the camera captures two copies of an image — a full resolution file and a compressed version suitable for posting to the Web.

It is also Fujifilm’s first Z-Series model to incorporate face detection technology. The Z5fd uses face detection before image capture, to identify up to 10 human faces in a frame and find one to focus on.

The all-metal Z5fd will be available in red, brown and brushed silver with a sliding lens cover and non-extending 3x optical zoom lens.

For low-light photography, the Z5fd offers ISO sensitivities up to 1600 at full resolution. The camera offers a picture stabilization mode which aligns the camera’s shutter speed and ISO setting to minimize the blur caused by camera shake. It also includes Fujifilm’s i-Flash technology, which adjusts flash intensity based on available light.

For consumer’s wavering on whether to use the flash, a dual shot mode snaps two images in succession, one with the flash on, the other with the flash off, for comparison’s sake.

The camera sports a 2.5-inch scratch resistant LCD, 14 scene modes, and 26MB of internal memory.