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Fuji Claims Magnetic Recording Breakthrough

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. has announced the debut of its Nano Cubic technology, what the company calls a significant breakthrough in magnetic recording media technology that will exponentially increase the capacity of magnetic media.

Fuji said the technology will not only greatly impact product capacities for enterprise storage data cartridges, but also has the potential to exponentially increase current floppy/super disk capacities.

The company, which is currently meeting with a number of drive manufacturers to partner for upcoming products, did not disclose at this time potential drive manufacturer “teammates.”

New product is expected to be announced toward the end of the first quarter in 2002.

Nano Cubic technology is an ultra-thin layer coating that results in higher resolution for recording digital data, ultra-low noise and high signal-to-noise ratios that are ideal for magneto-resistive heads. New coating technology has one-tenth the thickness of current magnetic layers, with more than 10 times the greater recording density.

The technology is capable of catapulting data cartridge and digital videotape to one-terabyte native (uncompressed) capacities and floppy disk capacities to three gigabytes. To help visualize the potential, 1TB can store up to 200 two-hour movies.