Fry's Sued In Sexual Harassment Case


Seattle - The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is suing Fry's Electronics for failing to discipline a manager accused of sexual harassment.

According to Seattle attorney Scott Blankenship, the manager had been soliciting sex from a young female employee at his Renton, Wash., store since 2007. The EEOC says Fry's violated federal laws by failing to take action against the manager, while a separate suit filed by Blankenship's law firm claims the employee's immediate supervisor, Ka Lam, was wrongfully terminated after interceding on her behalf with headquarters.

 "These laws protect women, and they would be toothless without people as courageous as Mr. Lam who report sexual harassment in the workplace," Blankenship said.

Fry's denies the EEOC's allegations and said it did nothing wrong. "Fry's takes very seriously all claims of harassment or discrimination, will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation of such claims, and will take appropriate corrective action when necessary," the retailer said in a statement issued to TWICE. "Fry's continually strives to provide a workplace for its valued associates that is free of unlawful discrimination or harassment [and] prides itself on its diverse workforce."


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