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FreedomPop Launches $4.58/Month Unlimited Voice, Text Plan

Los Angeles — MVNO FreedomPop reduced the price of unlimited cellular voice and text service with 500MB of 3G and 4G data to as little as $4.58/month.

The company continues to offer a free cellphone service, launched last October, with 200 voice minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data. The company also offers low-cost plans for additional voice and data usage.

Three new plans replace a $9.99/month plan that also offered unlimited voice and text and 500MB of data.

The three plans start at $4.58/month for a two-year prepaid plan, $6.67/month for a one-year prepaid plan, and $10.99/month for a month-to-month plan. The previous $9.99/month plan was a month-to-month plan.

The new plans can be used with the HTC Evo Android smartphone and Samsung’s midrange S2 at $169. Both incorporate FreedomPop’s VoIP app, which lets users make calls and access data as they normally would on a cellphone over Sprint’s 3G CDMA network and 4G Mobile Wi-MAX network. Later this quarter, the company plans to launch 4G LTE Sprint-network phones for use with its plans because Sprint is shutting down its Mobile-WiMAX network, which has been available in about 80 markets.

Consumers can also bring their own Sprint phones to FreedomPop for activation on one of the plans.

The company’s plans and phones are available through FreedomPop’s web store, “but we’re expanding to brick-and-mortar very soon,” a spokesperson said.

In a few weeks, the company will offer users a phone-software update to add unlimited multimedia messaging service (MMS) to their phones. “We have been upgrading our platform to handle MMS, which will be treated same as text,” the spokesperson said.

CEO Stephen Stokols said the company offers 12 months of service at the same prices as one month of service from most large carriers.