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Forum Seeks To Accelerate NFC Use In CE

Wakefield, Mass. – The NFC Forum, the industry association that promotes the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, has established five special-interest groups to drive NFC adoption in the consumer electronics, health care and other vertical markets.

 The other markets are payment, retail, and transportation.

 NFC-enabled consumer electronics have already begun to appear in limited 2quantities in tabletop Bluetooth speaker systems, which use NFC to quickly pair with and connect to NFC-equipped cellphones to stream the cellphones’ music to the speaker. NFC will also appear in LG TVs this year to immediately connect the TVs with a mobile device for media sharing, presumably phone-stored video for Wi-Fi streaming to the TVs.

The SIGs will enable member companies in the vertical markets to collaborate on NFC implementation, interoperability, best practices, and future requirements, said the association, which has 180 member companies.

 “By fostering the direct, concerted interaction of NFC stakeholders in key vertical markets, use cases, and technology segments, the SIGs will enable the NFC Forum to take a more active role in driving NFC solutions development, deployment, and adoption,” the association explained.

 More than 100 million NFC-enabled phones were sold in 2012, and almost 300 million will be shipped in 2013, the Forum said in citing industry analysts.