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Ford Exec To Keynote Digital Health Event At CES

Arlington, Va. – Ford Motor Company will be the Day One
Luncheon Keynote on Jan. 11 at 12:25pm for the

Health Summit

at the 2012 International CES.

 The “Doctor in Your
Car” keynote delivered by Gary Strumolo, global manager of health, wellness, interiors
and infotainment for Ford Research and Innovation, will shed discuss several
advanced research projects that Ford is working on with established and
start-up healthcare service providers. Strumolo will also announce a new
healthcare research project involving another unexpected, yet well-known
technology partner.

“Just as mobile has enabled Americans to take a more active
role in managing their health and well-being, automobile manufacturers like
Ford are looking to develop a series of health and wellness in-car connectivity
solutions designed to empower people with self-help information while they
drive,” said Jill Gilbert, co-producer, Digital Health Summit. “As the most
progressive automobile brand in the health space, Ford has both the credibility
and expertise to share insights on next generation innovations around consumer
oriented health and wellness solutions on the go.”

Leveraging the Ford Sync connectivity platform and its
ability to connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth, access cloud-based Internet
services and control smartphone apps via voice recognition, Ford – collaborating
with WellDoc, SDI Health and Medtronic – developed industry-first,
voice-controlled health and wellness in-car connectivity solutions that include
alerting diabetics to glucose levels through audio alerts, an allergy alert app
providing location-based index levels for pollen, and health management
services while on-the-go.

“Ford has been working with leading healthcare industry
partners to explore what’s possible to help consumers monitor diabetes and
asthma symptoms while in the car,” said Strumolo. “At CES, we will be
demonstrating these advanced research projects and show that managing your
well-being doesn’t have to stop once you step inside your car.”

At the 2012 CES, Ford will be showcasing (North Hall, Grand
Lobby, 2230) its in-car health and wellness services, as well as Sync’s
connected services and applications. 

To see Gary Strumolo give some brief comments on Ford’s
health & wellness initiatives, please visit:

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