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FLO TV Pushes Back iPhone Add-On Tuner

San Diego – FLO TV
missed its target date for shipping a first-of-its-kind accessory that would add
FLO TV tuning to an iPhone and iPod Touch, but the company insisted the product
is not far away.

 FLO TV will launch the Mophie-made accessory
“as part of a larger Apple strategy in the next several months,” a spokesperson
told TWICE.

Originally, the
company planned shipments sometime in the first half; then

the CTIA convention

in late March, it said the device would ship within
four to six weeks.

The device, called
Juice Pack TV, adds subscription-based FLO TV tuning to an iPhone and iPod
Touch equipped with a free FLO TV app. The accessory will take the form of a
protective case that incorporates FLO TV tuner, a battery to extend
iPhone/Touch battery life by 70 percent to 80 percent, and Wi-Fi to send FLO TV
broadcasts to the attached iPhone/Touch as well to up to three more iPhones and
Touches equipped with the FLO TV app. FLO TV would be sent in encrypted form to
all of the iPhones and Touches, all of which would simultaneously view the same

FLO TV demonstrated
the Juice Pack TV at the CTA convention.

Mophie’s accessory
selection already includes add-on rechargeable battery packs for iPhones and