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FLO TV Promo Discounts Subs For Vehicle Installs

San Diego – FLO TV has reduced its
one-year and three-year prepaid subscription prices through Sept. 30 when
purchased with an installed in-vehicle FLO TV system.

The discount is available with systems
sold through new car dealers and through aftermarket car electronics retailers.

The promotion brings the price of a
three-year subscription down to $299, or $8.30/month, compared with the
non-promotional three-year price of $499, or $13.86/month.

The promotion also extends the 12-month
duration of a $199 prepaid plan to 18 months, reducing the monthly cost to
$11.05/month compared with $16.58/month.

Month-to-month subscriptions remain at

For consumers, the offer is redeemable
on-line at

or by calling (888)

Currently, car dealers sell Audiovox’s
Advent-branded mobile FLO TV tuner with supplied remotes. That system, which can
be added to any existing installed in-vehicle video system, usually retails
from $899 to $999 with installation and a year of service included, Audiovox
said. The prepaid promotional subscriptions would be tacked onto the included

An Audiovox-branded version of the FLO
TV tuner system for aftermarket retailers sells for around $599 with
installation but without included airtime.

The first aftermarket FLO-ready
overhead DVD/monitor, built to control an add-on FLO TV tuner,

scheduled to ship in June

, followed 60 days later by two other in-vehicle
aftermarket products. One is a FLO-ready Jensen-brand in-dash multimedia head
unit with 7-inch screen. The other is a headrest-mounted LCD monitor/DVD system
with dual 7-inch screens.