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Flip Video Unveils FlipShare TV System

Cisco’s Flip Video, which markets Flip Video camcorders, introduced a wireless home-video-sharing system called FlipShare TV last week.

The system, which is available now for a $149 suggested retail, is designed to help users create a Flip Video library of photos and videos on a PC and send them to TV screens located anywhere in the house, without wires.

The delivery system employs a wireless 802.11n point-to-point proprietary interface and does not require an in-home Wi-Fi network.

In addition to sharing video in the home, users will be able to share video instantly with other FlipShare TV owners.

“We’re bringing back the home-movie night,” stated Jonathan Kaplan, Cisco consumer products group general manager and senior VP.

A small FlipShare TV base connects to the TV via the included composite cables and HDMI cable, and the FlipShare TV USB key plugs into a USB port on a PC or Mac.

The USB key and console are preconfigured to function wirelessly to access content through a PC and have it instantly play back on TV.

An included wireless remote is used to work an onscreen TV interface for the selection of favorite videos, custom movies or photos. The system will playback multiple video resolution levels including Full HD 1080p.

FlipShare TV works in tandem with new FlipShare 5.0 software, which is used to organize, edit and share home videos online and through mobile phones.

FlipShare TV enables users to watch video shared by other Flip Video users on their own TV. The system automatically accesses videos shared through Flip Channels to be watched directly through the FlipShare TV interface.

Flip Channels can be set up within FlipShare for designated friends and family to watch. New content added to the Flip Channel can be viewed instantly.

Flip Video said the system has applications for a wide range of users, including grandparents who want a simple way to watch videos of their grandchildren, or siblings living far away.

Flip Video said the FlipShare TV system is available through Amazon,,, and the official Flip Store at