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Flip Transition Plans Emerge

San Francisco –


issued a
statement Friday outlining its transition plans supporting its Flip camcorder
business, which is

shut down


A company spokesman told TWICE that “account teams are meeting
with our channel partners to discuss the transition plan and selling

According to a statement posted on the company’s website, “Cisco
will continue its focus and commitment to deliver best in class solutions that
extend the network as a platform, from businesses into the home through its
Linksys products and consumer TelePresence solutions with Å«mi.”

As for Flip, the company “will continue to provide technical
support for Flip video cameras until Dec. 31, 2013 and Flip cameras will be
available through our online and in-store retail partners as well as our Flip
store while supplies last.”

The company said it will continue to support consumers who
purchased a Flip camera within the terms of its 1-year warranty. Issues not
covered by the warranty or that are beyond the warranty period will continue to
supported “for a nominal fee” until Dec 31, 2013.

E-support will also continue to be complimentary and available
until that date.

Details and updates about support, service and the

warranty policy

are posted
on the company web site.

The FlipShare software service will continue to be fully
functional and will be supported until Dec. 31, 2013.

After that time Cisco will no longer support the application
online though it may remain functional as software for offloading videos,
editing, organizing and archiving.

Additionally, video sharing will no longer be supported past Dec.
31, 2013.

The company said it will continue selling Flip cameras through
online and in-store retailers as well as through the Flip store, while supplies

Orders for customized Flip models will also remain available for
a limited time on the Flip website.