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Flingo Introduces Samba App At CES

LAS VEGAS — TV apps developer Flingo (Central Hall 15239) will use International CES to launch a multi-screen TV app called Samba.

Samba will run on TVs, smartphones, tablets or PCs to instantly synchronize with live TV shows – without the need to download an app or log in.

As the viewer flips through channels, Samba automatically recommends related online videos or similar TV programs, and generates real-time information and social media discussions about the TV program currently playing, the company said.

The integration of Samba directly into the TV also enables interactive TV features like check-ins, tweets, polls, quizzes, cast and crew information, special offers from the device or directly on the TV itself controlled via the remote.

Flingo said that although secondscreen platforms have been announced to meet growing demand, they typically rely on automatic content recognition (ACR) technology using a microphone from second-screen devices to identify broadcast content playing on the TV. In comparison, Flingo’s recommendation technology can identify related content while watching live broadcast TV content within a few seconds. Samba makes watching TV more fun and engaging because viewers have the option of getting this social content from either the TV or their mobile device.

Samba enables smart TVs to rapidly identify live TV shows and recommend other videos without continuous searching.

Flingo said it used funds from an $8 million Series A round from investors including Mark Cuban, Gary Lauder and August Capital to develop the technology, infrastructure and relationships with leading device manufacturers and broadcasters.

“We saw a surge of smart-TV and tablet adoption in 2012, but realized that a seamless TV experience was missing,” said Ashwin Navin, CEO and co-founder of Flingo. “Samba will blur the lines between linear television and the web, in a way that empowers the viewers and gives them an unprecedented TV experience.”