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FLCOS Pico Projectors Introduced In Hong Kong

Longmont, Colo. — Displaytech, a developer of ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon (FLCOS) microdisplays, said at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2009 Tuesday that professional display equipment manufacturer Century Tech (HK), is using Displaytech FLCOS chips in new commercial-class Pico projectors.

The Century Tech PCLit pico projector series models use an optical engine designed by iView Limited in the VGA-grade model IPL631G and the SVGA-grade model IPL831G, which both use Displaytech’s FLCOS microdisplays.

“We are very proud of the commercialization of PicoLit series of products and in particular PCLit luxury. It is a perfect example of a very practical application of pico projectors. We have a strong belief that these new pico projector products will ignite the market,” stated Terry Kwok, Century Tech CEO.

The step-up PCLit version is positioned as a companion projector for notebook and desktop computers. A single USB cable connection supplies both power and video signal. It supports mirror and extended modes. The computer screen can be used for work and at the same time project worksheets, videos and games.

Displaytech makes FLCOS microdisplays in VGA, WVGA and SVGA resolutions. The company said the technology uses display and integrated controller/drivers that dissipate less than 100mW. FLCOS microdisplays are also used in digital still cameras and video camcorders.