Flash Flood At PMA


Las Vegas — Flash memory manufacturers will bring their premium products to the Photo Marketing Association Show being held here this week, with cards and flash peripherals that can accommodate the new digital SLRs and 8-megapixel consumer cameras headed to retail this year.

 Delkin will add SD/MMC and Memory Stick formats to its line of PCMCIA adapters. The CardBus 32 adapters allow memory cards to work in the PC Card slot found on many Windows-based laptops and uses the high speed CardBus PCMCIA standard. The SD/MMC and Memory Stick versions have a suggested retail price of $79.99.

The company also added new SD PRO cards to its eFilm flash memory card line. The cards will initially be available in capacities of 256MB, with a suggested price of $129, and 512MB, for $299, with a 1GB card expected in the second quarter. Delkin said the cards achieve a transfer rate of up to 10 MB per second

Delkin also increased the storage capacities of its eFilm CompactFlash cards, adding a 1GB and 2GB card to the lineup. The 2GB card will retail for a suggested $649.99 while the 1GB will have a suggested retail price of $339.00.

Lexar Media introduced 60x speed-rated SD cards with a minimum sustained write speed of 9MB per second. The cards will be available later this month in 256MB and 512MB capacities, with expected retail prices of $109.99 and $259.99, respectively.

The company will also introduce a 32-bit CompactFlash CardBus reader with a read/write speed of up to 16MB per second. It will ship this month for a suggested retail of $49.95.

The company will also show an 8GB CompactFlash card to its Professional Series line of high-end memory cards. The new card delivers a 40x-speed rating or a minimum sustained write speed of 6MB per second.

Lexar’s 8GB cards will also include a free copy of the company’s Image Rescue 2.0 image recovery software. Pricing was not available.

Finally, the company doubled the minimum sustained write speed of its total Professional Series CompactFlash line to 80X or 12MB per second. Lexar is offering its 80X Professional Series cards in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities. The new cards will ship in April with a copy of Image Rescue 2.0.


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