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Fitbit Ships Wi-Fi Scale


Fitbit has begun shipping its Aria
Wi-Fi Smart Scale.

Aria is a high-performance digital scale that tracks
weight, body fat percentage and body mass index, and
can automatically upload the info via Wi-Fi to a users’ personalized
online Fitbit account. The account lets a user set
weight goals, track progress, and garner extra motivation
by earning reward badges through Fitbit’s online tools.

The Fitbit online dashboard is also accessible through a
free iPhone and Android app.

The Aria scale recognizes by weight up to eight people
in a household. Customizable privacy settings allow data
to be shared within a household or with friends, family or
like-goaled Fitbit users online.

The Aria allows

to track weight metrics with
graphs and charts and set goals with food and activity
logging tools.

Fitbit said set-up is less than five minutes on a smart phone or browser.
The Fitbit Aria retails for $130 and is now available in
black and white on

and in Best Buy and Brookstone
stores nationwide.

“Fitbit is dedicated to creating products and
services that allow you to easily understand and
analyze your everyday health in one simple account,”
said James Park, CEO and co-founder
of Fitbit. “With our newest device, Fitbit Aria,
and our mobile and online tools, you’ll understand
more about your weight and be empowered
to set and achieve your weight goals.”