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Fiire Unveils Media Connector Box At CEDIA

Denver — Fiire introduced today at CEDIA the FiireStation 1, a 1-inch-thick media connection box for its FiireEngine system that hides behind a plasma or LCD display and offers full media control on a the display without the clutter of a cable box and wires, the company said.

The FiireStation 1 is fan and vent-free and includes no local hard drive, creating a visually unobtrusive display with no external boxes.

It supports HD video playback to 720p and 1080i and advanced PVR capability. It integrates Z-Wave-enabled Smart Home control facilities for lighting, HVAC, irrigation and other home systems, including security camera control and access.

It also includes VoIP capability and speakerphone functionality.

The FiireStation 1 uses the VESA standard and can be mounted and connected by consumers or installed and configured by specialist installers.

Built on a custom PC platform, the FiireStation 1 includes a 1.5GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and a high-performance graphic subsystem.

It runs the media client software of the LinuxMCE software suite and supports the Fiire Gyro motion controlled remote control. The FiireStation 1 also supports audio to 7.1 channels via S/PDIF and two channels of 192/24 analog audio.

“With flat-screen televisions going mainstream, consumers want to get rid of the bulky, external cable boxes and wires,” said Jeff Laughlin, sales director. “FiireStation 1 solves that problem by offering a thin, easily hidden and quiet media connection that fits cleanly behind almost any flat-screen TV without compromising on all the qualities consumers want: quality display, music and movie playback, home automation control using Z-Wave and much more.”

  The FiireStation 1 is available immediately at for $499.