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Fidelity Expands Into U.S. With New Frames

Toronto, Canada — Fidelity Electronics will support a recently announced line of six digital frames with a new U.S. distribution center in Buffalo, N.Y., the company said.

The top-line frame (DPF-1000PF) sports a 10.4-inch display and 1GB of internal memory. It will retail for $399.

The 10.4-inch DOF-1000F is designed for business use and offers a two-hour rechargeable battery and 256MB of internal memory.

Another 10.4-inch model, the DPF-1050F, features a VGA resolution TFT LCD screen and a memory card reader for CompactFlash, Memory Stick, SD/MMC, SmartMedia and xD Picture Cards. In addition to displaying JPEG image files up to 12-megapixels in resolution, the unit can play MPEG-1/-2/-4 video and MP3 music files through built-in speakers. It offers 256MB worth of internal memory.

The company will also offer three 7-inch models. The 7-inch DPF-7000F displays images stored on camera memory cards. The 7-inch DPF-7010F builds of the 7000 with “enhanced” software and a remote control, the company said. It features a screen resolution of 1,440 by 234 with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The DPF-7050F, another 7-inch model, offers the ability to playback audio and video files, packs 256MB of internal memory with slots for memory cards and a USB port. It ships with two interchangeable frames.